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Artwork Specs

In order to get the best results, we request that your artwork fits the below specifications. 

  • A clear, high contrast design (we can't print photographs or heavily tonal images). The simpler and bolder the design, the better the print. 

  • A vector file - PDF, EPS or AI files preferred. We can try to use a JPG, PNG or bitmap type files but these may incur an artwork fee if we need to rework the file to be screenprint ready. 

  • A maximum of 3 colours. Please ensure each colour is on an individual path. Note: as colours increase so to does the per unit cost, MOQ and time taken to complete the job. This is because each colour requires its own silkscreen and setup. 

If you have a specific size requirements, please outline these in the enquiries form.  Depending on the shape of the item you are wanting printed, we may have to play around with your artwork to get the right sizing and placement. You can share your artwork with us by uploading via the enquiries form.