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Products & Processes

Glass and ceramics

We work a wide range of glass and ceramic products from candle jars, to wine and beer glasses, to mugs and plates, to bottles and all things in between. Our printing techniques allow us to print to specific positions so you can get that consistent pour line. We offer a variety of inks including dishwasher durable options. Most of our printing is done using a direct print technique where the design is rolled onto the glass or ceramic using a silkscreen. For those trickier jobs, we use hand printed and placed decals. All wares are then fired in our kilns to set the print.


We work with enamel mugs and plates using our decal technique – hand printed decals are then hand placed on the enamel product, which is then high fired in our kilns. Enamels can be a little temperamental, which makes the printing process a bit trickier than with glass and ceramics.


We produce decals for those customers looking to do their own applying and kiln firing of their designs. These decals can be customised to your exact sizing requirements, and can be used for glass, ceramic or enamel firing, however the sheets we use have a printable area of 105mm x 165mm, so your design must fit within these dimensions. As the decal screen printing process is quite involved and has multiple steps, we have MOQs, you will find these on the enquiry form. 

To get a quote for your printed decals please fill out our decal form here.